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Seadoo Seascooter Classic Pro Extended Run Battery

SeaDoo SeaScooter Extended Run Battery

Up to 90 Min Runtime

Seadoo Seascooter Classic Pro Extended Run Battery

SeaScooter GTI Extended Run Battery
(Does not include battery leads)

Up to 90 Min Runtime



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SEA-DOO® Sea Scooter
The SEA-DOO® Sea Scooter is the lightest, most efficient and best-engineered scooter available - ideal for swimming, snorkelling and diving, both in the SWIMMING POOL and the SEA. What's more, SEA-DOO® Sea Scooter is part of Bombardier - one of the world's most respected engineering companies - so you know you are buying a quality product from a quality company. What other SeaDoo can go under water, only the Sea Scooter.

An absolute must for water lovers, the revolutionary new SEA-DOO SEA SCOOTER is the lightest and most efficient personal water propeller in the world with an affordable price, making it hard to resist.

Its sleek, compact design combined with its own bag makes it easy to carry and incredibly FUN to use. The SeaDoo Sea Scooter Features an automatic cut off when it is released or encounters an obstruction. A protective grille is also supplied for maximum safety.

The sea scooter can run at a speed of up to 2mph (3.2km/h) at a depth of up to 65ft (10m) and has a built in buoyancy regulation for maximum comfort. The special battery used in our scooters lasts up to 2 hours and can be recharged overnight with the supplied charger.

SEA-DOO® Seascooter -- just like the ones on vacation at the seashore or lake. We are really impressed with its commercial quality! Water scooter is great for the ocean, lakes, rivers, and swimming pools.

    Sea Doo Seascooters
    2005 SeaScooter
  • The lightest, most efficient and best engineered!
  • Developed for swimming, snorkelling and diving.
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • Carrying bag included.


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  SEA-DOO® Seascooter
Under Water Scooter

Seadoo Seascooter Classic Pro Extended Run Battery Extented Run Battery
Upto 90 min runtime