The Portable, efficient, go anywhere transportation alternative. Oh yeah, it's loads of fun!!

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Explorer X 500

The Electric Powered, Environment friendly, portable transportation solution!

Hop on the Explorer X 500, one of the fastest and longest range scooters available, for an adventure around your town or take a cruise along the beach.

No matter where you go, the Explorer X electric scooter will quietly take you there.

With the Motorcycle styled variable accelerator located on the handle bar, controlling speeds up to 16 mph and a range of 30 miles the Explorer X will get you there quickly and efficiently. Stop on a dime with the Explorer X's front and rear caliper brakes.

Ride at night with confidence. The Explorer X comes fully equipped with a powerful head light, brake light and turn signals that are easily accessible on the handle bar mounted control panel. .

Fully adjustable handle bars and seat for a custom fit. Handle bar folds down for easy storange and will fit in most car trunks.

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Tire pump

Motor: 260 watts
Range: 30 miles
Speed: 16 mph
Battery: 24v 17ah
Weight: 65 lbs
Max Load: 220 lbs

Explorer X 500

Reg Price: $499.00
ON SALE NOW!! $399.99

Select Color
Operates on rechargeable battery
Recharges in 4-5 hours
Each charge gives a range of 30 miles (3 1/2 - 4 hours)
Motorcycle styled accelerator located on handle bar
Caliper front and rear brakes with brake light
Left and right turn signals indicators
Powerful head light is bright and adjustable
Seat Height adjusts with convenient clamp
Handle bar folds down for easy transport
Control panel operates horn, lights, and turn signals
On board tire pump located next to battery
Chrome rear basket for storange
Chrome wheels
Affordable and easy to maintain
Available in 4 colors: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green


Elecetric Scooter - Explorer BlueElecetric Scooter - Explorer GreenElecetric Scooter - Explorer RedElecetric Scooter - Explorer Yellow